The world is quickly recognizing that the key challenges of the future will be environmental problems, international conflicts, and increasing isolation from our inner selves. In order to succeed in the world, children need to be able to take on and constructively face these challenges.

SMART EcoPark aims to help students become capable and responsible global citizens in a way no educational nonprofit has attempted to before. Through the innovative learning zones and DIGS curriculum, SMART’s immersive experience in nature is a transformative one.

The Mission of SMART EcoPark is to be a space where children:


  • Acquire the skills to achieve success in the 21st century

  • Apply academic lessons in a real-world setting

  • Learn about global challenges in energy, conservation and peace

  • Obtain knowledge that gives them a globally-competitive edge

  • Achieve a holistic education designed long-term learning

  • Gain exposure to new ideas, careers, and possibilities for their future

  • Experience nature in a fun and interactive way


Be a space where children:

  • Build a greater appreciation of the natural world and its scarce resources

  • Acquire knowledge about global challenges in energy, conservation and peace

  • Strengthen their understanding of the interdependence between humankind and the environment

  • Interact with domestic farm animals to forge a bond with the animal kingdom

  • Learn of the healing power of nature through hands-on lessons with medicinal plants and natural remedies

  • Utilize creative outlets such as drama, dance and music to express concern and spread awareness about environmental and cultural issues

  • Explore their personal interests and imaginations

  • Gain exposure to new ideas, careers, and possibilities for their future

  • Celebrate diversity of thought, culture and interests to grow intellectually and emotionally

  • Engage each of the five senses in a holistic learning experience

  • Attain confidence in their ability to make a difference in the world

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18/1 Usarli Budrukh, Panvel Dundra Road, Next to Ritghar High School, 

New Panvel, Raigad 410206



+91 80806 35001  +91 7666770776

Whatsapp +91 8080635001   hello@smartindia.org

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9 am to 7 pm Wednesday to Monday, Tuesday  Closed




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