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SMART EcoPark welcomes schools from around the world to come and experience a unique educational opportunity. Our experiential approach to learning brings classroom lessons to life by engaging students in a holistic and interactive manner. With custom programs and diverse facilities designed for students of all ages, kindergarteners through college students will gain critical knowledge and skills that prepare them for a successful future.

Our DIGS learning modules are specifically designed to build on the foundations of your school’s curriculum and to complement classroom instruction. Visiting teachers can choose from our array of learning modules and subject concentrations, from which SMART’s educators will fashion custom itineraries based on those needs. The chosen lesson plans will involve exploration throughout park’s diverse learning zones-all of which are incorporated directly into the park’s tropical setting, truly making nature our classroom!

With program lengths ranging from a day to a week , SMART offers a plethora of opportunities for students and teachers to explore a new and exciting way of learning. And being only 45-minutes from Mumbai, our immersive nature experience is easily accessible from the city.

To receive further information about visiting SMART and to view a list of various module and activity choices, email us at


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