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We all make decisions on a daily basis. Some are small and obvious choices, while others are big and difficult. Intuition and knowledge are the foundation ofhigher quality decision-making. Knowledge gives you the tools to make decisions; intuition, led by nner values, enables you to make the right decision. Together, they guide the quality of your decisions.


In education, increasing focus is being placed on the application of academic knowledge to real-life situations. With each opportunity to apply their inner values to real-world contexts, a child grows in his or her ability to make confident, responsible and intelligent decisions.


At the heart of the development of inner values is the universal concept of peace. We are all inextricably linked to each other and to the environment. The knowledge of this relationship makes it imperative that we find peace within ourselves, peace with each other, and peace with the natural world.

Inner Values utilizes personal development activities to enhance children’s intuition. In doing so, children strengthen their ability to make positive decisions that are at peace with themselves, with others, and with the earth.

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