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SMART is looking for university students from around the world to join its International Internship Program.

At SMART EcoPark, we aim for visiting children to gain an appreciation and understanding of the diversity the world has to offer.  We believe that bringing in student interns of diverse backgrounds provides an opportunity for new international perspectives to be added to the park’s programs and experiences. By contributing your own personal and cultural understandings of the themes explored at SMART—the natural environment, the inner self, and our increasingly globalized world—you will help children experience the world through their visit at the park.

What can I contribute to SMART?

We look forward to interns bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives to the project. Interns’ voices and opinions are highly valued in helping to shape the future of SMART. We expect interns to have the initiative to develop and explore their ideas with the help of our team, and to constantly strive towards innovation and improvement of the park. Above all, we seek students who are passionate and committed to making a difference and creating positive change in the world.

Other expectations include:

  • Ability to work autonomously in a challenging environment

  • Curiosity to learn new skills

  • Willingness to follow direction

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Distinct sense of responsibility

  • Flexibility and patience

  • Analytical skills

  • Clear communication skills


What can SMART do for me?

Interning at SMART will allow you the opportunity to be a part of one of the most unique environmental and educational projects in the world. Some of the advantages of being a member of the SMART team are:

  • Have the opportunity to put your studies into action and gain real-world experience in your field

  • Earn academic credit for your internship from your academic institution

  • Gain a deep understanding of Indian culture while in a safe, professional environment and with the advantages and conveniences SMART’s world-class facilities

  • Interact with children from all varieties of socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Be a part of a nonprofit project where you will see tangible results and outcomes from your efforts and actually witness the change that your work is effecting

SMART provides interns with free accommodation and a stipend that covers reasonable costs associated with living in Mumbai or at the park, including food and transportation for work. A means of local communication is also provided.

Available Internship Positions

Interns from all different academic backgrounds and majors are invited to apply for the following roles:

Education and Programming Internship

Public Relations (Local) Internship

Public Relations (International) Internship

Volunteer Development Internship

Horticulture Internship

Administrative and Park Management Internship

Please fill out the Internship Application and email it with your resume to no later than 6-weeks before your available start date.

SMART accepts applications year-round.

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